$325 for a 3 bird hunt

  • Daily bag limits up to 20 birds
  • $45/bird for every bird after 3

We have a bird cleaning facility that you are welcome to use, or we can make arrangements to have the birds processed for you.

Guide/dog tips are appreciated. 

Northstream Outfitter hunt.
Northstream Outfitter hunt.

What to bring

We recommend a trusty 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.  You will want 2 ¾  or 3 inch 4’s or 5’s for early season hunts.  Once the snow starts flying and the birds start packing on a little winter fat, we recommend 3 inch shells in similar shot sizes.

A hunter orange hat or vest is also recommended.  Although not required by law, your friends in your hunting party need to see you at all times.

A good pair of hunting boots.  A comfortable pair of boots can make or break a trip.  We will cater your hunt to your physical condition, but this is a hunt and good boots are a must.

Brush pants or hunting chaps are a must.  We have a very diverse piece of land and you never know what we will be hunting.

South Dakota falls can be fickle.  It can be 75 and sunny one day and 30 and snowing the next.  Dress in layers.  Pack warm clothes and wear layers that can be shed during the days hunt.   If you want some recommendations on what to bring, we will gladly work with you on some of our tried and true favorites.

We take safety seriously.  We pride ourselves in providing safe and fun hunts.  We will work with every group to explain what we are doing, how we are hunting and what is a safe shot.  We will give you safety briefings before every hunt.  Unsafe gun handling is not an option during our hunts and safety is our top priority. Eye and ear protection are a must.

SD Game, Fish and Parks

Don’t Forget your License!

You can purchase your South Dakota hunting or fishing license at the SD Game, Fish and Parks website. Click here.

After The Hunt
After The Hunt

After the hunt

We don’t want to try and guess what kind of food, wine or accommodations you prefer.  We will give you some recommendations for lodging and dining. If you want a lunch, we can arrange for a home-made, hearty meal to get you fueled up for our hunt.  This isn’t part of the hunt package, but we are good cooks and we like to eat!!!

We know there are plenty of options to hunt pheasants in South Dakota.  We also know our ground, our guides, our dogs and our birds.  We take the responsibility of providing you a great South Dakota pheasant hunt seriously.  There are many options to hunt pheasants in South Dakota, but NorthStream Outfitters is a one-of-a-kind place.  Close to Pierre, unbelievable terrain, affordable, memorable and fun.  We are humbled that you would choose us and we will do everything we can to get you on the birds…now you just got to hit em!